Hemp Extract Oil – 2000mg Maximum

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Your adventures know no boundaries — why should your CBD?! Wild Theory Full Spectrum Hemp Extract – 2000mg Maximum provides the purest, most whole-food form of CBD. With 2000mg of maximum strength hemp oil, get ready to push boundaries, conquer challenges, and experience maximum benefits every step of the way.


Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Benefits

  • Powerfully relieves occasional aches and discomfort caused by physical overuse and injury*
  • Alleviates symptoms of stress, anxiety, and “busy-brain”*
  • Induces a deep sensation of relaxation and calmness*
  • Soothes the mind and body into restful sleep each night*
  • Encourages mood balance and regulation for a brighter mental outlook*
  • Assists in easing unhealthy inflammation levels with natural anti-inflammatory effects*
  • Offers a rich formula of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other whole-plant compounds for enhanced daily nutritional support*


These extensive CBD hemp extract benefits reach every walk of life! From stunning sunrise hikes to bustling morning commutes and late-night stargazing to date-night dinner plans, our adventures go from the wilderness to the work world to the family room and everywhere in between. If you want to maneuver through these adventures with maximum effort, it takes a maximum strength 2000mg CBD oil — and Wild Theory CBD Co. is your answer.


Pure Hemp Extract Oil for Peace of Mind and Body

Wild Theory 2000mg CBD Hemp Extract reveals its purity and potency in every single drop. Its abundant 2000mg formula combines cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and whole-plant compounds that other CBD oils don’t quite capture due to our simple extraction and minimal processing. This allows for the richness of the hemp plant to shine through in each of our hemp extracts and it even encourages a nutritious boost to CBD oil!

What’s more, this full spectrum hemp extract offers a diverse array of hemp plant compounds that synergistically work together to create a deeply nourishing entourage effect. Are you looking for comprehensive CBD support from head to toe? This is your therapeutic solution. Here are even more features you’re sure to love about our CBD hemp extract:

  • Sourced from raw, unadulterated pure hemp extract oil
  • Grown and manufactured in the USA
  • Third-party tested for quality assurance
  • Available in 667mg, 2000mg, and 4000mg CBD options
  • Remains within the legal limit of less than 0.3% THC
  • Acts quickly and powerfully thanks to easily absorbed whole-plant formula!*


Take it Up to Maximum with Wild Theory CBD Hemp Extract Maximum

You’ve been running on empty for too long, it’s time to refuel and reach full! Our maximum strength hemp extract is the fuel your mind and body need to continue your adventures with maximum effort, energy, and excitement. Stay ready for the roads that lie ahead when you buy Wild Theory Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 2000mg Maximum!*

Questions or concerns? Our CBD Experts are here to help. Click here to start a conversation today. We are happy to guide, recommend, and advise you on all things CBD!

How To Use

Shake your bottle gently before each use. Measure 0.5mL or your daily recommended dose and place beneath your tongue 2-3 times daily. Increase or decrease this amount according to your needs and results, or according to the recommendations of your healthcare provider. 

Why place it beneath your tongue? Sublingual dosing helps to kickstart your digestion process so that you can absorb more of the benefits of the hemp extract, more quickly. For those who like the flavor of hemp extract, this is easy. For those that don’t, you may also swallow immediately or mix your CBD hemp extract into a beverage or food. Avoid placing your CBD oil in hot or highly acidic beverages. 

Have questions on what dose is right for you? Reach out to our team for advice. 


Caution: This product is not for use in a vaporizer and should only be taken orally. Consult with a physician before use if you are pregnant or nursing, have a serious medical condition, or use prescription medications.

Details and Ingredients

Serving Size: 0.5ml

Servings Per Container: Varies by size

Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD Oil (from Hemp Oil)

Other Ingredients: Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Terpenes

Does Not Contain: Dairy, gluten, soy


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