Black Label Hemp Extract Light (250mg)


Top-shelf, pure, and potent CBD Hemp Extract 250mg is packed with CBD and a complete blend of beneficial hemp compounds, cannabinoids, and terpenes. 

  • Experience the richly diverse whole-plant compounds of hemp extract
  • Derived from pure, organic locally grown hemp*
  • Unadulterated, raw hemp extract 
  • Rich in cannabinoids CBN, CBC, CBG and more
  • Natural health support*

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  • Learn More About Black Label Hemp Extract 250mg

    Our Black Label Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 250mg is a bottle of purely raw, unadulterated hemp extract. It’s filled to bursting with health-supporting plant compounds, such as chlorophyll, terpenes, and a diverse blend of cannabinoids. As a full hemp extract, rather than just CBD, it offers a whole-food form of the health benefits of hemp. 

    Did you know that there are more cannabinoids with beneficial properties for your health than just CBD? CBD may get all the recognition, but there are other great cannabinoids that can support health and wellness. Because this CBD hemp extract is in a whole-food form, it makes it wonderfully easy for your body to absorb and utilize all these compounds. 

    Our Black Label CBD Hemp Extract is derived from organic, locally grown industrial hemp and is carefully processed to offer maximum benefits. 

    • Contains more hemp extract than CBD distillates
    • Contains only approximately 0.27% THC
    • Made with natural hemp oil
    • Grown and manufactured in the USA
    • Third-party tested for quality assurance
  • How To Use

    Gently shake your bottle before each use. Place 0.5mL under your tongue two to three times per day. Increase or lessen this amount according to your needs or the recommendations of your physician. 

    Why under the tongue? Sublingual dosing allows your body to begin the digestive and absorption process more quickly and easily. You’ll get more of the goodness of the CBD oil through sublingual dosing, but you can also swallow immediately or mix the CBD hemp oil into beverages or foods. 

    The flavor of our Black Label CBD Hemp Extract is slightly stronger than our other oils. It has a bitter, herbal flavor with a hint of citrus peel. People who like coffee, dark chocolate, and other bitter foods will enjoy this flavor. 

    Have questions on what dose is right for you? Reach out to our team for advice. 

    Caution: This product is not for use in a vaporizer and should only be taken orally. Consult with a physician before use if you are pregnant or nursing, have a serious medical condition, or use prescription medications.

  • Details and Ingredients

    Serving Size:  0.5ml

    Servings Per Container:  60

    Active Ingredients:  Full Spectrum CBD Oil 250mg (from Hemp Oil)

    Other Ingredients:  Hemp Seed Oil, Terpenes

    Does Not Contain:  Dairy, gluten, soy


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